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We wanted a name that would define what we stand for – being small enough to bring fresh & innovative ideas and being flexible enough to adapt to all situations.

The Wood Frog, with its ability to survive months of hibernation with much of its body frozen and without a beating heart, came to our mind.

 Talk about adapting to your environment!


We are independent consultants that decided to join forces to offer flexible and smart communication solutions.

We strive to find the "right" solution for each client and don't believe in one solution fits all.

We work as a collective with other independent experts in the creative field and bring in the right additional talent when needed.

Our multicultural upbringing and international experience has helped us embrace any challenge that comes our way. Entrepreneurial at heart and passionate about what we do, we are always willing to go the extra mile to deliver beyond expectations.

Our mindset: The sky is the limit, don't take no for an answer.

Our partners: Photography Marine Busuttil: 

Graphic Design Bianca Wolf: 

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